May 2018  
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Sr. Pastor

Dr. Ray & Amy Earley

Bro. Ray has been serving as the Pastor of Westport since August of 2010.  God led Bro. Ray and his family to Westport from the southeastern part of Oklahoma.  He is originally from Kingston, OK. He holds a bachelor of arts in Christian Studies from Oklahoma Baptist University, a Master's of Theology, and an earned Doctorate in Theology from Andersonville Theological Seminary.  Pastor Ray loves "being one of the guys" with the men of Westport in leading the Garage Bible Study, visiting in the community, or being a part of various events. 
His wife Amy has been faithfully by his side for over 21 years.  She is a native from Durant, OK.  Amy is also a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University and Southeastern State Oklahoma University. 
Pastor Ray and Amy have two beautiful daughters.  Traci is 12 and Ember is 4.  


Sr. Adult Pastor

Bro. Fred Kerr

Bro. Fred and his wife Barbara minister to the senior adults of Westport Baptist Church and the community. They lead a very active group and meet monthly for fellowship. They are a great blessing to the Westport Family. 

Youth Minister

Position Vacant

Westport Baptist Church is in the process of seeking a youth pastor.  

Minister of Music

Bro. Terry Dennis

Bro. Terry and his wife Sherry have been a continued blessing for the people of Westport.  Terry serves as the Minister of Music and we are very thankful to God for his ministry.  Terry leads the Celebration Choir for Westport Baptist Church for the glory of God and is currently enrolling new members to the choir. 


Mrs. Janie Arnold

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Jamie has served faithfully as the church secretary since 2000.  She and her husband Rick have 3 children and 5 wonderful grandchildren.